GET HIP Update for 10/10/2015

Great job everyone!  You guys are doing great.  I will not be in class with you on Saturday!  A selfie will be taken from my traveling location.  Remember, if you miss, you need to take a selfie from were you are and post it to the Facebook group.  Thanks

I am still missing blogs from some of you.  You can catch them up.  Here is who I am missing:

Anthony Wood
Cameron Hickey
Gabi Jaapar
Jonny Baker
Katie Gerot
Theresa Bracht

There were many of you who were late.  Remember, it needs to have Monday’s date in the post for it to considered on time.  This week is a chance to get them all on time!

Here is the homework:

  1.  Review the videos that were posted in the comments of last weeks blog post.  There might be some new material that you have never seen before.  Learn something new.
  2. For your 3rd blog post, update me with what you learned this week. I would like a sample of code as well as a full paragraph.  Also tell me if you can use your new skills in school yet.  If so, how are you using them.  If not, how could you?
  3. Share your post with a friend, family member, teacher or anyone you desire.  Ask them to leave a comment.  Extra credit if they do.  Some of you will need this extra credit for sure.

Have a great week.  I will see you back next Saturday!



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