GET HIP Update for 10/17/2015

Many of you were out this week with College visits and it was great to see your selfies on Facebook.  Don’t forget, when you miss class, post a selfie of where you are if you are on FB.  It’s fun!  Thanks

REMEMBER, there is no class on 10/24.  We are back together again on 10/31.  Jodi wants costumes.  They are not required.

Homework for the long break. Due 10/19/2015

  1. Post your blog url to the comments below ON THIS SITE.  Format is [Name] /
  2. Set a reminder to come back on Wednesday and view the other class blogs.
  3. A minimum of paragraph on what you learned in Week #4 posted to your blog.  If you are in Hannah’s class, I would love to see some visual examples.  Zach’s class should include code examples.  Be original.
  4. Have a good weekend off and be productive.  We will see you back on the 31st.


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