Raikes School Visit

Hello everyone!

I spoke with Anna Pressler, Director of Recruiting and Student Success at the Raikes School, who you met last week, and she suggested if you want to visit the Raikes School, you all set up individual meetings. This will enable you to have separate academic appointments throughout the day with the college you are interested in, whether that’s the College of Arts & Sciences for Computer Science, the College of Business Administration for Actuarial Science or other business majors, or the College of Engineering for Computer Engineering or other engineering majors. You’ll get more of a feel for what your curriculum would be like, and it will help you see what your story might look like here at UNL and in the Raikes School.

I suggest you set up your visit for either November 6 or November 9, so at the end of your campus visit, you all end up in Kauffman at the Raikes School at the same time. This site has more information about setting up a visit, and make sure you mention you also want to visit the Raikes School. This is not just for seniors, anyone is welcome to set up a visit, but freshmen and sophomores, you still have some time.


Here is more information about the Raikes School for anyone who didn’t see it already:


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