GET HIP Update for 11/12/2015

Hey Gang!

Welcome to the Winter Project Phase.  I know you have been thinking about what you are going to do and now is the time to get planning!  The weeks will turn into months and soon it will be January 30th!  Let’s get rolling now.  Here is your assignment for the month.

  1. In two sentences, describe your project.  Melanie has posted the requirement a previous post.  That should get you started.
  2. Post it to your blog.
  3. Send me an email (jim_collison@gallup,com) and let me know it’s complete.
  4. Deadline is 11/30/2015

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the short break from school.


Project Requirements

Hello everyone!

As we go into the winter, keep in mind you’ll be presenting your project when we come back in January! I’ll be sending out some presentation tips closer to that day, and we’ll be setting up Skype calls, so if you have questions during the week, you can call into those. Emails are always a great option as well. The project requirements can be found here: GetHip Class Project. Make sure you don’t put this off until the last minute!

Have a great winter!