GET HIP UPDATE – Teams have been formed!

Congratulation Hipsters!  The presentations are complete and teams have now been formed.  If you haven’t gotten notification from your team yet, please reach out to your lead for instructions.  We are excited about the next 4 weeks.  They will go very quickly.  Here is the list:

Peer Marked – Logan
Matt Meacham
Jared Bledsoe
Ben Wingerter
Cate Longo

Christmas Tree Rental – Hannah
Eddie Yuan
Mary Clare Rogers
Thomas Gerot
Ed Torres

Budgetr – Melanie
Rohan Thakker
Dash Wedergren
Harley Waldstein
Kate Gerot

Wall – Zach
Jason Huang
Taylor McHugh
Gabi Jaspar
Martin Simonini
Spencer Nussrallah

Tutor Exchange – James
Jacob Gideon
Kevin Lin
Emily Zhang
Kristin Goertz

Your homework this week is to make contact with the team and get your assignment.  See you Saturday!