GET HIP UPDATE – Teams have been formed!

Congratulation Hipsters!  The presentations are complete and teams have now been formed.  If you haven’t gotten notification from your team yet, please reach out to your lead for instructions.  We are excited about the next 4 weeks.  They will go very quickly.  Here is the list:

Peer Marked – Logan
Matt Meacham
Jared Bledsoe
Ben Wingerter
Cate Longo

Christmas Tree Rental – Hannah
Eddie Yuan
Mary Clare Rogers
Thomas Gerot
Ed Torres

Budgetr – Melanie
Rohan Thakker
Dash Wedergren
Harley Waldstein
Kate Gerot

Wall – Zach
Jason Huang
Taylor McHugh
Gabi Jaspar
Martin Simonini
Spencer Nussrallah

Tutor Exchange – James
Jacob Gideon
Kevin Lin
Emily Zhang
Kristin Goertz

Your homework this week is to make contact with the team and get your assignment.  See you Saturday!


GET HIP UPDATE for 1/7/2016

Happy New Year Team!  We will be glad to have you back on Campus the last Saturday in Jan.  I hope you all had a good Christmas and have been working on your project.  If not, time is growing short.

Here is what you need before Jan 30, 2016

Review the Project Requirement found at

Create a post on your site that you will use for your presentation.  (Remember, the presentations are 3 to 5 minutes in length).

  1. In your post, have the link to your code (you should have some code) in GIT
  2. In your post have and mock ups, slides, videos or anything else that supports your efforts to have your project selected.  Be creative because you will use your post in the presentation.
  3. Email me BEFORE January 28th to let him know the post is ready.

That’s it.  If you have questions, please email me as soon as possible.

We have a fun spring planned for you and look forward to having you back!


GET HIP Update for 11/12/2015

Hey Gang!

Welcome to the Winter Project Phase.  I know you have been thinking about what you are going to do and now is the time to get planning!  The weeks will turn into months and soon it will be January 30th!  Let’s get rolling now.  Here is your assignment for the month.

  1. In two sentences, describe your project.  Melanie has posted the requirement a previous post.  That should get you started.
  2. Post it to your blog.
  3. Send me an email (jim_collison@gallup,com) and let me know it’s complete.
  4. Deadline is 11/30/2015

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the short break from school.


GET HIP Update for 10/17/2015

Many of you were out this week with College visits and it was great to see your selfies on Facebook.  Don’t forget, when you miss class, post a selfie of where you are if you are on FB.  It’s fun!  Thanks

REMEMBER, there is no class on 10/24.  We are back together again on 10/31.  Jodi wants costumes.  They are not required.

Homework for the long break. Due 10/19/2015

  1. Post your blog url to the comments below ON THIS SITE.  Format is [Name] /
  2. Set a reminder to come back on Wednesday and view the other class blogs.
  3. A minimum of paragraph on what you learned in Week #4 posted to your blog.  If you are in Hannah’s class, I would love to see some visual examples.  Zach’s class should include code examples.  Be original.
  4. Have a good weekend off and be productive.  We will see you back on the 31st.


GET HIP Update for 10/10/2015

Great job everyone!  You guys are doing great.  I will not be in class with you on Saturday!  A selfie will be taken from my traveling location.  Remember, if you miss, you need to take a selfie from were you are and post it to the Facebook group.  Thanks

I am still missing blogs from some of you.  You can catch them up.  Here is who I am missing:

Anthony Wood
Cameron Hickey
Gabi Jaapar
Jonny Baker
Katie Gerot
Theresa Bracht

There were many of you who were late.  Remember, it needs to have Monday’s date in the post for it to considered on time.  This week is a chance to get them all on time!

Here is the homework:

  1.  Review the videos that were posted in the comments of last weeks blog post.  There might be some new material that you have never seen before.  Learn something new.
  2. For your 3rd blog post, update me with what you learned this week. I would like a sample of code as well as a full paragraph.  Also tell me if you can use your new skills in school yet.  If so, how are you using them.  If not, how could you?
  3. Share your post with a friend, family member, teacher or anyone you desire.  Ask them to leave a comment.  Extra credit if they do.  Some of you will need this extra credit for sure.

Have a great week.  I will see you back next Saturday!



GET HIP Update for 10/3/2015

Welcome to week #2 of GET HIP.  So glad that many of you came back to join us!  Great having you all!

Homework Blog post for the week and it is due Monday 10/5/2015 at midnight.

  1. What did you learn this week?  Include exampes of code where you can.  Give me at least one new thing.
  2. Find one Youtube video that pertains to subject you are learning and post the link to the comments here.  If you can’t find a good video, I will accept a help tech blog or forums
  3.  How are you using your one of your Top 5 themes in class?  Give me two examples.  Be creative.
  4. Update and personalize your blog to make it yours.

Jim is out in Colorado next week and will post a selfie from the road.  Don’t forget, when you are out, do the same.

Join the Facebook group:


Welcome To GET HIP 2015/2016

Jodi and I want to welcome you the 3rd year for GET HIP at Gallup.  We have had an incredible time over the last two years and some really great students.  Many of them are still here to help you out this year!








We are excited to have you at Gallup and joining us for the next 6 Saturdays.  You will learn a ton and grow a bunch, but it will take lots of effort from you.  Here is what you will need to get ready for week 2.  There are a few things I need you to do quickly!

Start a blog.  

You can use anything you want, but I suggest you look at one of these first – 

Your blog address (URL) is due to me by midnight on Sunday, September 27th and the first post needs to be written by midnight on Monday September 28th.  Send your link to

If you are coming back from last year, it’s time to update the blog you used last time.  Find it, update it and send me the link.  See the link above. You also have a Monday deadline.

Put GET HIP in the title of your blog.  Be creative

[Blog Assignment] 

Answer these questions:

  1.  How did you find the program.
  2. What did you learn about on the first day
  3. Top 5


Join us on Facebook

Its a closed group.  Ask for permission and I will let you in.


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Lots of great things ahead.  We are looking forward to watching you grow.

Jim and Jodi